Coastline and Blue Growth

Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée is shining the spotlight on one of the region’s greatest natural assets: our Mediterranean coastline. The implementation of the NOTRe law will reinforce the Region’s responsibilities, as it takes on ownership of a number of marinas and port railway areas. By launching the Plan Littoral 21, Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée is giving new momentum to the coastal and maritime economy.

The Region aims to become a new maritime power

The "Plan littoral 21” coastline initiative, launched in July 2016, will enable us to preserve and modernise the coastline of Languedoc, thus meeting the aims of the five-year plan agreed between the region and the national government (Contrat de Plan État-Région 2015-2020). The Mediterranean coast is a prized location for development,with enormous potential to boost the region’s appeal. The development challenges laid out as part of the “Blue growth” initiative extend as far as the borders of Europe.

In 2016, the Region created a directorate for marine affairs (Direction de la Mer) within its administration as a clear indicator of the importance being placed on this topic. The Region also elected to create a maritime parliament (Parlement de la Mer), a consultation body communicating directly with maritime operators and stakeholders. This institution unites the maritime community and encourages cooperation in order to drive and develop innovative projects.

The Region is using the “Plan Littoral 21” to boost investment in infrastructures and coastal preservation.

  • Launch of the Plan Littoral 21 and support for sustainable coastal development projects
  • Actions supporting coastal towns and marinas (restructuring property availability, multi-season activity)
  • Aiding in the development of fisheries, aquaculture and industrial sectors with a stake in blue growth
  • Implementation of the EMFF (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund)
  • Pursuing development projects in the ports of Sète, Port-La-Nouvelle and Grau-du-Roi
  • Co-financing of operations on the Canal du Rhône - Sète, led by the Voies Navigables de France organisation

Key Facts:

  • 4 coastal departments in our Region
  • Almost 220 km of coastline
  • 2 of the 3 pilot schemes for floating Mediterranean wind farms are situated offshore the Occitanie coast.
  • 66 marinas
  • 22 tourist resorts
  • 155,172 maritime passengers used the ports of Sète and Port-la-Nouvelle in 2014
  • 52 beaches carried the Pavillon Bleu label in 2016 (awarded for engagement in environmental initiatives)
  • 1 marine natural park: the Golfe du Lion